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Codashop has partnered with HAGO to offer official Diamond top ups!

It's secure and easy. Just enter your Hago ID, select the value of top up you wish to purchase, complete the payment, and the top up will be added immediately to your Hago account

There's no registration or login required.

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1Enter User ID


In order to make a top-up, please find your User ID by tapping on the profile picture on the upper left. User ID can be found below your nickname. Please enter the full User ID on your payment page. Example: "12345678"

2 Select Recharge

  • 45 Diamonds
    45 Diamonds
  • 90 Diamonds
    90 Diamonds
  • 225 Diamonds
    225 Diamonds
  • 375 Diamonds
    375 Diamonds
  • 900 Diamonds
    900 Diamonds
  • 1650 Diamonds
    1650 Diamonds
  • 3300 Diamonds
    3300 Diamonds

3 Select Payment

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4Billing Address

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