Kumu top up promo:
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Note: The 20% bonus coins will be sent together with your selected top up amount.

Buy Kumu Coins in seconds! Just enter your Kumu user ID, select the value of coins you wish to purchase, complete the payment, and the coins will be added immediately to your Kumu account.

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To find your ID, open the Kumu Application. Open the "Profile" at the right bottom corner. Your user ID will be displayed on the account profile page. Please enter your full ID here.

2 選擇充值

  • 2,000 +130 coins

    來自 HK$ 15.58

  • 10,000 + 800 coins

    來自 HK$ 78.24

  • 20,000 + 1,900 coins

    來自 HK$ 156.55

  • 60,000 + 6,600 coins

    來自 HK$ 469.80

  • 100,000 + 12,500 coins

    來自 HK$ 783.06

3 選擇付款