The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War

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Product Details:

  • Adventure Awaits: 200 Gems, Commander Ranger Aragon II
  • Digging for Treasure: 1800 Gems
  • Mathom Clearance: Medal Mathom*2, only one purchase per user per day
  • Medals Abounds: Medal Mathom*10, one purchase per-season
  • Construction Queue: 1000 Gems, Construction queue*1 (Construction Queue SKU can only be purchased once every 30 days)
  • Craftsman’s Contract: 2300 Gems, Medal Mathom*30
  • Season Pass: Unlock extra weekly challenges, unlock extra rewards, after purchase level increase by 10

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  • 23000 Gems
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  • Adventure Awaits
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  • Digging for Treasure
    Digging for Treasure
  • Mathom Clearance
    Mathom Clearance
  • Medals Abounds
    Medals Abounds
  • Construction Queue
    Construction Queue
  • Craftsman's Contract
    Craftsman's Contract
  • Season Pass
    Season Pass

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