MU Origin 2

The brand new Glory Badge is now available for all users!


  1. Glory Badge and Blue Diamond conversion rate is 1:0.9.
  2. Every 100 Glory Badges can buy 90 Blue Diamonds or one Pack which is worth 90 Diamonds.
  3. Every 100 Glory Badges consumed is equal to one 90 diamond top-up, and will be counted in Total Top-up/Top-up King/Daily Top-up activities.
  4. Players cannot purchase Glory Badges with Blue Diamonds.
  5. After purchase, please check Store>Top up>Glory Badge in game to claim your Glory Badges.

Top up MU Origin 2 Diamonds in seconds! Just enter your MU Origin 2 user ID, select the value of Diamonds you wish to purchase, complete the payment, and the Diamonds will be added immediately to your MU Origin 2 account.

Pay conveniently using GrabPay, PayNow, PayPal, and SingTel. There's no credit card, registration, or log-in required!

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1Enter UID and Server ID


Your UID and Server ID found on setting page. Enter your complete UID and enter the number for Server ID. Example, server ID: S2. Please only enter 2 on the server ID field.

2 Select Recharge

  • 75 Badges

    From S$1.00

  • 372 Badges

    From S$5.00

  • 743 Badges

    From S$10.00

  • 3715 Badges

    From S$50.00

  • 7429 Badges

    From S$100.00

  • 22287 Badges

    From S$300.00

  • 44574 Badges

    From S$600.00

  • 89147 Badges

    From S$1,200.00

  • 185722 Badges

    From S$2,500.00

  • 136 Diamonds

    From S$2.00

  • 535 Diamonds

    From S$8.00

  • 1875 Diamonds

    From S$28.00

  • 4548 Diamonds

    From S$68.00

  • 9028 Diamonds

    From S$135.00

  • 18055 Diamonds

    From S$270.00

  • 45131 Diamonds

    From S$675.00

  • 90596 Diamonds

    From S$1,355.00

  • 180522 Diamonds

    From S$2,700.00

  • 271118 Diamonds

    From S$4,055.00

3 Select Payment

I want to use a different payment method