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Codashop has partnered with Activision to offer official Call of duty Mobile top-ups!

It’s secure and easy. Just enter your Call of Duty Mobile user ID, select the value of top up you wish to purchase, complete the payment, and the CP or Battle Pass will be added immediately to your CODM account.

Easily pay with Telenor, ufone4g and card payments.

Notice: Battle Pass purchases are valid for accounts that do not currently have an existing Battle Pass subscription. Please verify your subscription status by logging into your in-game account.

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1Enter ID


To find your PlayerID, [1] Log in to your profile and enter the game lobby. [2] Click on the "Settings" button at the top right. [3] In "Settings", click on the "LEGAL AND PRIVACY" tab and you will find your PlayerID. Codashop uses your PlayerID to deliver the CP to the right account. Please ensure the PlayerID entered is correct. Codashop will never ask for both your PlayerID and password. Always keep your password private.

2 Select Recharge

  • 30 CP
    30 CP

    From Rs 65

  • 80 CP
    80 CP

    From Rs 162

  • 420 CP
    420 CP

    From Rs 810

  • 880 CP
    880 CP

    From Rs 1,710

  • 2400 CP
    2400 CP

    From Rs 4,050

  • 5000 CP
    5000 CP

    From Rs 8,550

  • 10800 CP
    10800 CP

    From Rs 17,010

  • 21600 CP
    21600 CP

    From Rs 33,859

  • 32400 CP
    32400 CP

    From Rs 50,003

  • 43200 CP
    43200 CP

    From Rs 69,162

  • 54000 CP
    54000 CP

    From Rs 85,543

  • Battle Pass
    Battle Pass

    From Rs 446

  • Battle Pass Bundle
    Battle Pass Bundle

    From Rs 1,053


3 Select Payment

I want to use a different payment method