Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team

Top up Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team Dreamballs in seconds! Just enter your Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team user ID, select the value of Dreamballs you wish to purchase, complete the payment, and the Dreamballs will be added immediately to your Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team account.

Pay conveniently using Dialog, and Card Payment. There's no registration or log-in required!

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1Enter User ID


Launch the game to find your user ID. The user ID is a 9-digit number and is displayed in the lower left corner of the title screen.

2 Select Recharge

  • 1 Dreamballs

    From Rs. 400

  • 12 Dreamballs

    From Rs. 2,775

  • 30 Dreamballs

    From Rs. 7,050

  • 60 Dreamballs

    From Rs. 12,500

  • 80 Dreamballs

    From Rs. 16,125

  • 135 Dreamballs

    From Rs. 25,125

  • 175 Dreamballs

    From Rs. 32,250

3 Select Payment

I want to use a different payment method