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提醒:尊敬的用户,請根據您的設備類型選擇首選訂閱。 如果您是iOS用戶,請選擇iOS訂閱。 如果您是Android用戶,請選擇Android訂閱。

立刻購買Turbo VPN Premium 解鎖VIP特權!只需要輸入你的User ID,選擇想要購買的數量,完成付款後,您的Turbo VPN帳戶就會立刻升級為VIP!

不需使用信用卡,不必註冊,也不需要登入,使用 LinePay, A+ Telecom, Chunghwa TelecomTaiwan Mobile. 付款後,您的Turbo VPN帳號就會立刻升級!

Purchase Turbo VPN Premium and unlock VIP features today! Just enter your User ID, select how many months of premium subscription you wish to purchase, complete the payment, and your Turbo VPN account will be upgraded to premium!

Pay using LinePay,A+ Telecom, Chunghwa Telecom and Taiwan Mobile. There's no credit card, registration, or log-in required!

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如何找到你的User ID? 打開Turbo VPN,點選左上方按鈕,按下User ID,請於此處輸入您的完整ID To find your User ID, open Turbo VPN. Click the button on the top left side, then click the User ID button. Please copy and enter the complete ID here.


  • 12 Months Premium (Android)
  • 6 Months Premium (Android)
  • 3 Months Premium (Android)
  • 1 Month Premium (Android)
  • 12 Months Premium (iOS)
  • 6 Months Premium (iOS)
  • 3 Months Premium (iOS)
  • 1 Month Premium (iOS)




不須使用信用卡也能購買Turbo VPN 會員特權! Buy Turbo VPN Premium & unlock VIP features without using a credit card!

您只差幾步就可以完成購買Turbo VPN Premium。完成付款後您的帳號將會立即升級為Premium及解鎖VIP會員資格! You're just seconds away from buying Turbo VPN Premium. Complete the payment and then Premium will be automatically added to your account.

關於Turbo VPN About Turbo VPN
通過Turbo VPN自由享受您最喜愛的遊戲和網站。保證安全連線及維護您WIFI公共連線安全。全球超過1.5億用戶下載見證。最高支持超過10000個跨國特權服務器。最佳遊戲、視頻串流、聊天、下載,用戶4.6/5 顆星超高評價利器。Turbo VPN Premium 並為您帶來獨家視頻娛樂服務,如Disney+, Netflix 和 BBC,同時也支持分割隧道功能來加密您全部裝置!Codashop 是 Turbo VPN 官方正式授權夥伴,也是最佳、最優惠的購買方式,馬上下載享受自由上網! Connect Turbo VPN to access your favorite gaming apps and unblock sites. Stay safe and secure from public WIFI connection. Over 150 million users downloaded. Support up to 10000+ premium server across the regions. A high-speed VPN best for gaming, video streaming, chatting and downloading. 4.6/5 stars rating app. Turbo VPN Premium comes with exclusive entertainment streaming – Disney+, Netflix and BBC. It also comes with split tunneling function to encrypt all your device apps!

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