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1Enter User ID and Server Name


To find your User ID, login to your account in the application. Click on the setting button at the top right of the corner. You will find your User ID at “Settings”. Please enter your User ID here.

2Select Recharge

  • 235 Ingots+Bonus
  • 590 Ingots+Bonus
  • 1180 Ingots+Bonus
  • 1775 Ingots+Bonus
  • 3550 Ingots+Bonus
  • 5920 Ingots+Bonus

3Select Payment

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About Goddess MUA:
Go on an MMO adventure with Goddess MUA! Goddess Mua is a MMORPG mobile game with the world of Goddesses and monsters.
Game characteristics:
1. Evolution of goddess Origin of destiny Players, as a goddess master, will experience the whole process of Goddesses’ evolution from a little spirit to a powerful Goddess, and even conclude a soul contract to awaken the magical and mysterious skills of Goddesses. Charming fox, innocent unicorn, honorable phoenix, etc. Various Goddesses are waiting for you!
2. Unlock perspective Exciting hunting 360° free view. Beautiful graphical style. Massive demons rampaging. Slay the demon king to collect the best rewards! More than massive God Clothes, God wings, God pets and God mounts that you can get!
3. Cultivate mounts and pets Cultivate your own trust With flying whales, travel around the world; With lovely pets, break through the walls of the dimension; All of them are helping you on the road of adventure.
4. Ever-changing modelling Exclusive collocation Variety of shapes and dresses, indulge in a personal life. On the fashion page, you can make DIY on various fashions. Choose gorgeous fashion to dress up characters according to your preferences. You will be the most shining one in the game!
5. Happy together Happy love You can meet soulmates in the game. Accompanying with love, work together to adventure this magnificent MMO world