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Why to be a Starlight Member?
1. Receive that month's limited release skin permanently by buying a monthly membership, and it will take effect immediately after purchase.
2. Aside from normal weekly free heroes, Starlight members can also use an extra 4 free heroes. After purchase they can be viewed in the hero page and they will refresh with the weekly free heroes.
3. The extra 6 free heroes can be also used in the ranked game but cannot count to fulfill the requirement to unlock the ranked game. (The ranked game requires account level 6 and 5 owned heroes)
4. Weekly rewards will be sent after each extension or purchase is made, after which rewards will be sent to the player's mailbox again every 7 days. The extension can be made on the first day of every month.
5. Members can switch to an exclusive avatar border in the basic info page after purchase.
6. Members will get 5% extra BP at the end of every battle.
7. Starlight Member will last 31 days, counting from the day of the purchase. Buying the membership again before it expires will extend the membership duration automatically.

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