Land of Doran

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Codashop has partnered with Turing Game to offer official Land of Doran Ruby top ups!

It's secure and easy. Just enter your Land of Doran ID, select the value of top up you wish to purchase, complete the payment, and the top up will be added immediately to your Land of Doran account

There's no registration or login required.

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1Enter User ID and Select Server


Your login account is your User ID, such as:
To find your User ID, please hover over "?" for more info. If you are using one-click login, please contact the Facebook customer service for your User ID.

2Select Top Up

  • 80 Ruby
  • 400 Ruby
  • 800 Ruby
  • 1200 Ruby
  • 1600 Ruby
  • 2400 Ruby
  • 4080 Ruby
  • 8400 Ruby

3Select Payment

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