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1Enter ID and Select Server


To find your ID + Server + Region, please click on your profile page and copy your ID + Server + Region next to your user’s name.

2Select Recharge

  • 280+280 Gems (VIP EXP+10)
    280+280 Gems (VIP EXP+10)
  • 750+750 Gems (VIP EXP+30)
    750+750 Gems (VIP EXP+30)
  • 1600+1600 Gems (VIP EXP+80)
    1600+1600 Gems (VIP EXP+80)
  • 3600+3600 Gems (VIP EXP+200)
    3600+3600 Gems (VIP EXP+200)
  • 10000+10000 Gems (VIP EXP+600)
    10000+10000 Gems (VIP EXP+600)
  • 22000+22000 Gems (VIP EXP+1400)
    22000+22000 Gems (VIP EXP+1400)
  • Weekly Card (VIP EXP+20)
    Weekly Card (VIP EXP+20)
  • Monthly Card (VIP EXP+135)
    Monthly Card (VIP EXP+135)
  • Growth Pack (VIP EXP+80)
    Growth Pack (VIP EXP+80)
  • Battle Pass (VIP EXP+30)
    Battle Pass (VIP EXP+30)

3Select Payment

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