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Top-up for direct download Android APK only (not Google Play). Update your game now! Your user ID stays the same, and you do not lose your progress in the game.

Top up Lords Mobile Diamonds in seconds! Just enter your Lords Mobile user ID, select the value of Diamonds you wish to purchase, complete the payment, and the Diamonds will be added immediately to your Lords Mobile account.

Pay with convenience using Bank Transfer. There's no credit card, registration, or log-in required!

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1Enter IGG ID


To find your IGG ID, open the Lords Mobile Application and enter. Click on the Settings (Gear icon) on the lower right side, and then click on Account, your IGG ID will be displayed. Please enter your full IGG ID here.

2Select Recharge

  • 48 Diamonds
  • 97 Diamonds
  • 194 Diamonds
  • 388 Diamonds
  • 775 Diamonds
  • 1,550 Diamonds

3Select Payment

I want to use a different payment method